ISP102 - Sky Dining Chair Assembly


Download Assembly Instructions PDF - ISP102

Siesta ISP102 - Sky Dining Chair

Watch the video for assembly instructions for:

  • ISP102-BLA Sky Outdoor Dining Chair Black
  • ISP102-DGR Sky Outdoor Dining Chair Dark Gray
  • ISP102-DVR Sky Outdoor Dining Chair Taupe
  • ISP102-RED Sky Outdoor Dining Chair Red
  • ISP102-WHI Sky Outdoor Dining Chair White
  • ISP102-YEL Sky Outdoor Dining Chair Yellow


For the most precise assembly of the chair please follow the instructions below:

  1. Place the chair right side up and have a seat. Look down toward where the smaller screw (Part# A6) is supposed to meet the thread, you will notice that there is a small gap between the seat and the bracket. Use this small gap to align the smaller screw (Part# A6) to the thread, using the Allen wrench (Part# A4).
  2. While sitting, gently push outward from the inside of the seat to close the gap.
  3. When you feel the screw meet the thread turn the screw until you feel it catch on to the thread, and tighten completely with the Allen wrench (Part# A4). Repeat this step for the other side as well.
  4. Place screw caps (Part# A3) over the A6 screws previously inserted for a smooth finish.

ISP102 - Sky Dining Chair Assembly