Never Use Bleach on Siesta Furniture!

Bleach is widely used in US households. But when it comes to outdoor furniture and especially polypropylene furniture, it's a no no. Unfortunately bleach hurts polypropylene material and can have effects on your furniture that would make you regret. So, please refrain from using bleach and any other strong chemicals for cleaning purposes.

The best way to clean polypropylene furniture is with lots of water, possibly hosing down or wiping with wet cloth. You can use mild soaps to clean persistent stains. Dawn or Windex seems to be working well.


  • Do use lots of water
  • Do hose down
  • Do wipe with wet cloth
  • Do use mild soaps like Dawn or Windex


  • Do NOT use bleach
  • Do NOT power wash
  • Do NOT pressure wash
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaning agents

In order to extend the life of the materials, we highly recommend covering your outdoor furniture or storing them indoors when not in use.