Sunfield™ Cushions - Cleaning & Care

Helpful hints from Sunfield™ Manfacturer

Sunfield™ fabrics are subjected to special treatment with a fluorocarbon which gives the following characteristics:

  • Resistance to natural build up of dirt.
  • Oil and water-repellency for a long time
  • Excellent dimension stability

However, it is advisable:

  • To remove dust periodically from the dry cover, with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.
  • To wash with clean water at a temperature of not more than 96°F (30°C), when the dirt is persistent.
  • To use trichloroethylene blotter: or a common dry cleaner for grease stains.
  • To never use any other chemical product.
  • To avoid the build up of the water bags in the middle of the awning, always keeping the fabric in tension and with an adequate gradient.
  • To never roll up the cover when the fabric is wet.